GoFundMe link: https://www.gofundme.com/help-lisa-pay-for-2-funerals


Lisa hasn’t even reached the halfway point and times are tough. Huge thanks to everyone who has donated, forwarded, or shared Lisa’s story.


The attorney who has been helping Lisa in Colorado informed her Monday that due to the creditors’ period (120 days in Colorado), she will be unable to even list her sister’s property until August so she can expect no income from that for much longer than she hoped. She had to abandon her online store when she left her home to care for her parents and is trying to get that restarted, but that will also take time. Any help would be greatly appreciated—donations, retweets, sharing or reposting. An overwhelming thank you to everyone who has helped so far.

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I’ve set up this GoFundMe for my good friend, Lisa Clardy (hominysnark), who has had to pay for two funerals within the last year.

For the previous five years she was the sole caregiver for her elderly mother as she battled Alzheimer’s. She gave up her own home in Orlando to move 100 miles away to live with her mother and care for her full time.

Lisa and her mother, Martha

Lisa’s mother, Martha, passed away last year, leaving a modest estate which was divided between Lisa and her sister, Anita, Lisa’s only close living relative. However, the funeral costs, including transport of her mother’s body from Florida to Arkansas so she could be buried with Lisa’s dad, came out of Lisa’s resources. Anita, who lived in Colorado, was supposed to help with these expenses but was unable to do so.

Then tragically and unexpectedly, her sister Anita died at the beginning of this year.  Lisa not only had to pay the funeral expenses for Anita, and airline expenses to go to Colorado, but discovered that Anita’s estate was in a mess: she owed a huge debt in unpaid taxes and Anita’s house was badly in need of cleaning and repair. Lisa had to hire attorneys, cleaning and repair crews, and finally exhausted the last of her resources paying property taxes.

She will probably be able to sell Anita’s house eventually, but that is months down the line, and the realtors she consulted estimated that about half of the potential sale price will be eaten up to pay Anita’s back taxes and other debt.

In the meantime, Lisa doesn’t have enough resources to pay her own debts and living expenses. We are asking for $4,600 to meet Lisa’s short-term needs for bills and household expenses for the next months until there’s some resolution of Anita’s estate.

Lisa gave up a great deal to care for her mother and has suffered much heartbreak the last year. I would hate to see her suffer more due to financial issues. Please help if you can, please share my link on your Twitter timeline or elsewhere to get the word out. Even if you can’t help financially, we would both appreciate very much if you forward the link. Both Lisa and I thank you for reading this and for any help you may offer.

GoFundMe link: https://www.gofundme.com/help-lisa-pay-for-2-funerals