1. It is difficult to make a five things list when you’re not in the mood to talk about stuff. I am not sure if I’ll be around much, other than the odd quote of the day. Then again, I may be chattering like a chimp. Hard to predict.

2. I’ve decided I’m down with smearing egoboo all over myself in public. I got one of the best pro reviews of my writing I’ve ever had. Helpful and a boost when I needed it. Thank you, OWW and John Klima. Now I guess I need to finish that novel.

3. My copy of Bioshock remains virgo intacta though it arrived weeks ago. I must figure out how to arrange for time and energy to play it.

4. I got the greatest idea for making handmade Christmas cards. I wish I’d gotten the idea back in July. Maybe next year.

5. Here’s something from Daydream Believer by the Monkees that sums things up nicely:

Cheer up sleepy Pjthompson
oh what can it mean.

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