thin places

Temple Church, Cornwall, Spring 2004

You don’t have to be Christian to feel the presence of this ancient church, built by the Knights Templar. The ancient holiness of it seeps up from the ground. The quiet is profound, the centeredness embraces you if you let it. It doesn’t need your adoration and reverence, but if you give it, this places returns it threefold.


Merlin’s Cave, Tintagel, Cornwall, Spring 2004

The village of Tintagel from Tintagel Castle, Spring 2004


9th c. monk cells, Tintagel Castle, Spring 2004

Tintagel: The thing is, if you go to the village it’s full of King Arthur tat and rather crass about it. But if you climb up to the island itself (and in 2004 you had no alternative but to climb an enormous staircase to get there) it’s a pretty magical place. Maybe it was endorphins from the climb, but I found it exhilarating. And after all, thin places are always a personal thing. You can’t find them for anyone else and no one else can find them for you. They exist solely between you and the landscape.