I haven’t been around much because the only posts I seem to be able to come up with these days is whining about the same thing and I don’t believe anyone, including myself, needs to hear more of that. Everyone is struggling right now. There is so much tragedy in the world, so many people going through such hard times, and my crap is completely trivial compared to that.

Traditionally, August is the nadir of my year when the summer malaise is at its worst. Now that fall is on the horizon, I’m hoping I’ll get over myself a bit more. Until then, about all I have to offer is random quotes of the day.

Also, knowing your true audience is as important as writing well. 14 Mar

Mr. Porsche and Gloria Ann of Girlieland have left the building. That is, the manuscript. 15 Mar

The heroes of Fukushima: http://tinyurl.com/48rleke 15 Mar

Dear Library of Congress: my blueberry muffin was extremely fluffy and delicious. 16 Mar

On this day in 1806 Mme. Tivollier let Stendahl put his hand on her thigh. 17 Mar

Thyroid scans will set off airport radiation detectors, which isn’t a dose strong enough to hurt anyone. The detectors are super sensitive. 18 Mar

Just in case you heard any news from Chicago that had you panicking. 18 Mar

God knows any world disaster is All About America. /irony 18 Mar

I found myself with an unexpected two hrs where nothing was expected of me. I took myself to lunch and read Sherman Alexie. 18 Mar

I felt guilty the entire time. 18 Mar

Sherman Alexie was real good though. 18 Mar

Finally at a doctor’s appt for myself. 18 Mar

Yeah. Got me some antihistamines and I’m good to go. 18 Mar

Why do I bother reading comments on Yahoo news? The ignorance and mean-spiritedness is staggering. 19 Mar

Then again, sometimes I can be determinedly stupid in public myself. 19 Mar

My latest Etsy favorite: http://tinyurl.com/6kbmrk2 19 Mar

Great. I share the name of an infamous YouTube troll. Could it get any better? 19 Mar

Oh good, I only share a fake name of an infamous YouTube troll. That’s so much better. [not trolling, just ironic] 19 Mar

Hope the Supermoon doesn’t bring real March Madness. 19 Mar

Corn dogs and cheese potato chips and coffee for breakfast. I can feel my arteries crystallizing. 20 Mar

Rain pouring down, big pot of chili in the making, nowhere I have to be. Heaven. 20 Mar

Still pouring rain. Chili is ready to be consumed, but it’s only 3:30. I guess we’ll just have to eat chili twice. 20 Mar

I like Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of Wonderful World as much as Satchmo’s (and I totally had to cut and paste Israel’s name). 20 Mar

I still like Israel’s Over the Rainbow better, though. 20 Mar

Min is mad at me. I am being shunned. 🙁 20 Mar

The L.A. river is about 23 feet over normal levels. Torrential rain all day & many LA Marathoner runners got hypothermia. No kidding. 20 Mar

I spoke too soon. It started raining again. 21 Mar

Not really into DWTS but Mom loves it and it’s one of our few “together” shows so…I’ll be here for 12 weeks, folks. 22 Mar

We can only hope.


Why do they always do a musical episode? Are they that out of fresh ideas? Does anyone actually like those things?  7 Mar

Besides the actors, writers, and producers, that is. 7 Mar

Stay tuned for a very special all-singing Trapper John M.D. 7 Mar

5 boxes of books donated to Venice Library, municipal election to increase library funding voted in. I AM VIRTUOUS. 8 Mar

The municipal initiative to increase library funding passed yesterday. Huzzah! 9 Mar

My oldest friend just caved and joined Facebook. Et tu, L.? I imagine my days are numbered. 9 Mar

I woke up every two hours last night. Fun times. Must go get my caffeine IV now. 9 Mar

Nationpam is on the lam. 9 Mar

I do want to see the new Jane Eyre movie, as a matter of fact. 10 Mar

Nationpam would like a dram. 10 Mar

I’ve got this thing going with a Natiowide commercial currently in heavy rotation. When it comes on I have to tweet a rhyme for Nationpam… 10 Mar

Kind of like a drinking game only with stupidity instead of booze. 10 Mar

Min is fascinated and afraid of the yellow rubber ducky I keep in the shower. 10 Mar

God bless the people of Japan. 11 Mar

All these Pacific Rim earthquakes are making me nervous. 11 Mar

I drive thru a tsunami evac zone every day but SoCal has an advisory rather than a warning. I still might take an alternate route to work. 11 Mar

Call me silly if you like. 11 Mar

Nationpam keeps saying damn. 11 Mar

This date 1912 Scott distributed opium pills and morphine to his Arctic expedition members so they could end their misery when needed. 11 Mar

Got the last of my boxes out of the garage & in the house. Finally can say “Not my s/t” when asked about those other boxes. 12 Mar

I’m really tired of living other peoples’ agendas. 12 Mar

Had stomach/belly troubles all week & the fun continues today but there’s just so much to do & time running out. 12 Mar

I’m sure stress has nothing to do with the ick feeling. I’m done whining now. 12 Mar

Sick. Laid down for a nap. Heard dijereedoo playing. Wondered if I’d slipped into Dreamtime. Then heard singing on loud speaker at park. 12 Mar

Still think it odd, but I have heard some pretty strange things over those loud speakers. 12 Mar

Anti-social network: knowing when to keep my mouth shut is a talent I do not always possess. 12 Mar

It’s 4 pm–3 by the old clock–and I’m already in my jammies. It was an early morning and hardwork day but the garage is finally clean. 13 Mar

Really tired of getting yelled at for things other people did. 13 Mar

A very long day and so goodnight… 13 Mar

I saw a Yellow Cab on the way to work this morning with the license plate IZYLOST. 14 Mar

Totally cool: http://ow.ly/4e4hL 14 Mar

Chapter 10 wasn’t as horrible as I remembered it. I wonder if I’m delusional? 14 Mar

Hey, Library of Congress: I just spilled coffee on my pants. 14 Mar

Tony Gregor, Roxanne, and half of Ron Salzman are gone from the WIP. Tough cuts to make, but necessary, I think. 14 Mar

Knowing who your true audience is as important as writing well. 14 Mar

Being in an even more zombie-like state than usual this Monday due to a jam-packed weekend (with many hyphens), here’s all the tweet news that’s fit to print (although some of it walks the borderline).  Not that it’s any more interesting than usual, just jam-packed with hyphens. I did have a sensationally good meal Saturday night, though: filet mignon in bleu cheese sauce, carrots sautéed in butter, creamy mashed potatoes, broccoli sautéed in even more butter, a bottle of yummy Côtes du Rhone, and for dessert vanilla ice cream with almonds and Grand Marnier.

Got to work at seven this morning, a full hour and a half before my usual shift. I think the zombie coma is finally wearing off a little. 1 Mar

I have discovered that, after all, I am not “a bigger person than that.” At least, not in this case. 1 Mar

Ready whenever you are, C.B. 1 Mar

One thing I hate about tweeting from Edwin Droid is that I’m always accidentally favoriting tweets. I just favorited myself. 1 Mar

I have no unfavored everyone. The world can go on. 1 Mar

Turns out the threefold law works: I’ve been hoist on my own petard by not rising above. And boy is my petard sore. 1 Mar

I should eat. Then I should sleep. Long dammed day. 1 Mar

Home with stomach ick today. Time for a nap. Min approves. 3 Mar

Is there any objective standard for defining crap? From here it all looks subjective, albeit sometimes with more degrees behind the names. 3 Mar


AbsoluteWrite MacAllister Stone Retweeted by pj_thompson If you want to get rid of spam from your twitter stream, try running a report at http://thetwitcleaner.com 3 Mar


Mostly when people say “I’m sad for me but glad for you” they mean “I’m sad for me.” Myself included.  4 Mar

Really?!?!? One Tea Party leader calls for stripping away the right to vote unless you’re a property owner. http://bit.ly/hpzgnn 4 Mar

Reading River Marked by Briggs. Her characters are watching The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. At least 1 of U will find that interesting. 4 Mar

Bed shopping for Mom this AM. But this eve taking friend to birthday dinner at our favorite Bistro. 5 Mar

Seven garage boxes left. The rest (8) will have to be hauled off the shelves and purged in the house but at least the floor is clean. 6 Mar


chandlerisms Raymond Chandler Retweeted by pj_thompson A check girl in peach-bloom Chinese pajamas came over to take my hat and disapprove of my clothes. She had eyes like strange sins. 6 Mar


I have conquered the 7 boxes but the ones on the shelves bred overnight. Now there are 17. May not all be mine but suspect they are. 6 Mar

I wrecked my knee bad in the process and feel thoroughly trashed overall but I think (hope) that’s the worst of it. 6 Mar

Min meowing angrily for chaperoned walk in back yard but that’s not going to happen with bad knee. She’s bitterly disappointed in me. 6 Mar

I should take my aching bones to bed. 6 Mar

I am so frakking tired and sore this morning from all the fricking cleaning. Fug. 7 Mar

And worse: they’ve changed their maker of scones in the cafeteria to something Really Cruddy. 7 Mar

You know, it IS all about me.  7 Mar



No tweet puns in the immediate forecast.


I’m still awake, don’t know how. 25 Feb

On this date in 1808 Stendahl bragged in his diary about killing three hares, his “first quadrupeds.” 25 Feb

I was awake from 4:30 AM Fri to 12:30 AM Sat then slept ten hours. Torrential rain when I went to bed, bucolic sunshine upon waking. 26 Feb

I decided to celebrate the weather change with a massive sinus headache. Fun times. 26 Feb

Snow in the San Fernando Valley, first since the 1970s. More rain tonight and lows in 30s even here at the moderate beach. 26 Feb

I went to the garage to clear more boxes. Only got thru 2 before my nose and fingers froze. 26 Feb

Oh, now the weather guy tells me that wasn’t snow but graupel, small snow pellets in great quantity. 26 Feb

lilithsaintcrow True. RT @sblackmoore: If a character survives a book without losing something important you’re not trying hard enough. 28 Feb

Something to give some perspective. Beautiful progression: http://bit.ly/huotRo 28 Feb

pj_thompson @lilithsaintcrow re: characters losing something by the end of the book – Do you think that’s true of comedic novels as well? 28 Feb

When I was a kid I thought writers wrote the books in one shot all the way through and figured the plot out as they went along. 28 Feb

How did they know to plant clues and foreshadowing, I wondered? When I’m doing rewrites planting clues I remember that and laugh. 28 Feb

Of course, I was right about them making it up as they went along…At least for the pantsers like myself. 28 Feb

Spent a few days adding new material to WIP when should be cutting but that new stuff will allow me to cut other stuff in the saggy middle. 28 Feb

lilithsaintcrow Lilith Saintcrow @pj_thompson Yes. Definitely. 28 Feb

pj_thompson PJ Thompson @lilithsaintcrow So that’s what I got wrong. :-)  28 Feb

lilithsaintcrow Lilith Saintcrow @pj_thompson Tragedy is easy. Comedy is much, much harder, because it skates that edge.  28 Feb

TrishaTelep Trisha Telep @lilithsaintcrow @pj_thompson That’s not funny! 28 Feb

lilithsaintcrow Lilith Saintcrow @TrishaTelep @pj_thompson *snork* 28 Feb

pj_thompson PJ Thompson @lilithsaintcrow @TrishaTelep Dying is easy, comedy is hard, but comedy don’t get no respect. 28 Feb

On the drive home I realized that the MCs in my comedic novel did lose something. Not body parts unless you count the holes in their hearts. 28 Feb

Yet if it hadn’t been for a good friend reading an early draft I would have skated over that exquisite pain. Thx, Kev. 28 Feb

StephenAtHome Stephen Colbert Retweeted by pj_thompson Say no to drugs. Although if you’re talking to drugs you may already be on drugs.  21 Feb

We just adopted Word 2007 here at the office. I hate if with a frothing hate. I think it was designed by a baboon with severe palsy. 22 Feb

My latest Etsy discovery: http://tinyurl.com/6j85ocq Wonderfully whimsical assemblages, cards, prints. 23 Feb

For those playing along at home, Gus Toland is back in the novel. I figured out his relevance to a significant subplot. 23 Feb

Richie and Divonne remain on the cutting room floor. 23 Feb

God save me from spastic personalities and Perfect Little Persons. 24 Feb

I am no longer living for art, but am trying to live artfully. 24 Feb

4:30 am came. I woke. I did not sleep again. TGIF.  25 Feb

Heartbreaking: http://tinyurl.com/5uvn6en Blessings to everyone in Christchurch. 25 Feb

MJMcKean Michael McKean Retweeted by pj_thompson Essentially, Rep. Broun responded to “Who’ll shoot the president” with “I feel your frustration”. http://huff.to/dQCXfc 25 Feb

medwardsmusic Michael Edwards Retweeted by pj_thompson “Quotes on the Internet are hard to verify for their authenticity.” – Abraham Lincoln 25 Feb

4:30 AM was a long time ago. I think I’ve gone into hallucinogenic sleep deprivation. Either that, or my office is haunted. ;-)  25 Feb

It’s been a cleaning frenzy at our house.  While I’ve been dealing with boxes and boxes of stuff in the garage, I finally was forced to the realization that I cannot do all that needs doing myself.  It’s a strange combination of guilt and relief I’m feeling right now.

It’s 5:45 and we’re still waiting for the doctor. Last time I take a 4:45 appointment. [Note: We didn’t leave his office until 6:30.] 17 Feb

On the way to work I listened to NPR and they had a little bit about astronauts going into hibernation sleep on long space voyages. 18 Feb

As I stopped at the sensor where my garage pass opens the door Keir Dullea said “Open the pod bay doors, HAL.” Hal: “I can’t do that, Dave.” 18 Feb

Fortunately, the pod bay doors opened, but I was laughing so hard by then. Sometimes life is a synchronistic delight. 18 Feb

So, read a good book and try to stay awake or kill mutants? Which of these? …The good book… 19 Feb

On this night in 1814 Byron was debating the existence of God in his diary. 18 Feb

There’s hope for us older gals after all… 18 Feb

Lightning. Thunder. Min went under the bed. 19 Feb

Torrential rain and wind at the moment. Sure glad not to be out in it but my dinner is going to get wet. Poor delivery guy. 19 Feb

I would’ve liked to stay in my jammies all day but the Box Unload Marathon cannot be denied. Woe! 20 Feb

I can’t believe no one has tweeted in the last 47 minutes. Not sure I trust you, Edwin Droid. 21 Feb

To do list: finish Drood, start The Mystery of Edwin Drood. 21 Feb

selfavowedgeek Berrien C. Henderson Retweeted by pj_thompson Signal Boost: Francesca Forrest’s story, “The Yew’s Embrace”–http://www.strangehorizons.com/2011/20110221/yew-f.shtml 21 Feb

For the 1st time in my life I paid someone to clean my house. I actually feel kind of ashamed. But I expect I’ll get over it. 21 Feb

With my bad knees and shoulder I couldn’t do the scrubbing needed and Mom sure couldn’t. 21 Feb

A lot of medical stuff going on this week.  Mostly not scary, just time consuming.  Real post soon, I hope.  In the meantime, here’s the news…

A “pay me now or pay me later” weekend dealing with boxes I was in too much of a rush to sort and throw stuff away when moving 5 yrs ago. 14 Feb

Had no choice but to do it now since we need the space for med supplies. Cramming books/trash into every nook and cranny in the house. 14 Feb

Venice library, et al., are also going to be making out like extreme making out things. 14 Feb

This has been a long damned afternoon.  15 Feb

The prank that would not die–now a movie! http://tinyurl.com/4ku94nu 15 Feb

justinemusk Retweeted by pj_thompson What not to say about Lara Logan http://shar.es/3c42N <– this is the year 2011. Let’s try not to BLAME THE FREAKING VICTIM. 15 Feb

The world never ends when you expect it to. Just in case, though, I set up the DVR for my shows… 16 Feb

debkalin Retweeted by pj_thompson via @splinister @jimchines astute analysis of LA Weekly’s coverage of Lara Logan’s attack: http://bit.ly/ij1P0g 16 Feb

In all my 1st draft novels 1 or 2 body elements that get way the hell overused. Last 1 it was all kinds of weird stomach things going on. 16 Feb

In the current rewrite it’s weird wiggily spines and blushing. What is up with all the spastic spines and hot faces? 16 Feb

The naming of Pyreka has gone the way of all flesh. Oh my darling, I loved you so, but it’s time we parted ways. 16 Feb

I guess if you expect to have a heart attack, you don’t. Kind of like watched pots never boiling. 16 Feb

Blah blah blah blah blah. 16 Feb

mrbrown Retweeted by pj_thompson Facebook’s new settings lets ZOMBIES eat you while you sleep! Go to Accounts—Home—Invasion Settings—Cannibalism—Brains, uncheck “Tasty” box. 16 Feb

Worked on a short today. Broken, I know exactly where/why, but no idea how to fix. Beginning and end are good, middle goes wayward. 17 Feb

It’s some of my best writing. I’d love to do right by it. 17 Feb

Mom drove herself to medical treatment bcs she wanted to & I’m trying not to feel guilty. It’s a fine line betw protective/infantilization. 10 Feb

Our $7500 plumbing job began today. Come on, Lotto! 10 Feb

Mom survived the wilds of Inglewood on her own. My guilt is temporarily assuaged. 10 Feb

The story that 1st inspired me to write this novel also got cut. Strange how revisions sometimes go, how necessary becomes superfluous. 10 Feb

I feel tingly and godlike. Richie & Divonne LaRue hit the cutting room floor, gone from my WIP! Well, into my OFF file anyway. Just in case. 10 Feb

Let’s hope the Egyptian army justifies the peoples’ faith in them. 11 Feb

God bless the Egyptian people! 11 Feb

jadewalker Retweeted by pj_thompson Spread the calm. Do nothing for 2 minutes. No really. Take 120 seconds for yourself and just relax. donothingfor2minutes.com 11 Feb

In other important news: all they had in the cafeteria this morning were banana nut muffins. Blech. I ate one anyway. 11 Feb

I spent the entire weekend cleaning up messes. Tired, fragile, hormonal so I’d best hide under my desk today. 14 Feb

Neil Gaiman: the writer as rock star. I mean that with utmost respect. He’s unique and awesome. 14 Feb

Vicarious happy! Happy happy happy!! 14 Feb

Our $7500 plumbing job turned into $8000 over the weekend. 14 Feb

These are arranged chronologically now.

Bouncing around from idea to idea bcs I’ve been so distracted. Maybe I should stop trying to write new for awhile and stick to revisions. 6 Feb

Good day, sunshine, currently 53 degrees here in Westchester. 6 Feb

Do not let me near your microwave. Burned 1 up last month and burned the mini quiches just now. 6 Feb

lilithsaintcrow Lilith Saintcrow RETWEETED by pj_thompson The best curse is, “May you live in interesting times.” The second best? “May you get exactly what you want…” 7 Feb

I’ve held off on revisions for the last WIP bcs there’s a central plot point that has to be changed and I haven’t had a clue how to fix it. 7 Feb

This morning I got an inkling on how to fix it, but I still have no idea how to get there from here. 7 Feb

Maybe I’ll just start driving and hope the road holds out, or magic flowers start growing by its side that whisper the right direction. 7 Feb

Spent the afternoon revising one thing and another. Being in that cold-eyed revision mode, I think I made good progress. 7 Feb

Eat now? The ginormous cranberry muffin I wolfed at 9:30 won’t hold me til 5, but def not hungry now. Just have to get hungry, I guess. 8 Feb

Ick. I just took a Promark poll and I feel so slimy. Prolly skewed their demographic way Leftie though. 8 Feb

JoshMalina Joshua Malina RETWEETED by pj_thompson Gnomeo and Juliet” looks pretty cute, but Disney’s “Lawn Jockey Othello” strikes me as racist. 9 Feb

I feel zero envy for people who’ve lived privileged, sheltered lives. In fact, I feel kind of sorry for them: they miss the nuances. 9 Feb

I do, however, resent the hell out of them telling other people how they should live their lives. 9 Feb

Word nerd! @pj_thompson scored 522 in The Times #WordNerd test. Discover your score at: http://thetim.es/word-nerd 9 Feb

You, Madam, are a douchebag. I’m so glad I don’t work for you, but I hate having to listen to you deal with the people who do. 10 Feb

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