Revamped covers for Blood Geek—but first, a musical interlude:

Here’s the new mini version:

new small cover

And here’s the new click through version:

new clickthru cover

Please let me know if you think they are better than before.

I’m conducting an unscientific poll. Does this teeny icon intrigue you enough that you would want to click through and see what this is all about?


I am inspired to ask by this article.

This strikes me as a fairly balanced article, presenting both the giddiness of the new frontier, as well as words of caution.

Now I must come up with a better blurb. Which is why I didn’t put that with the click through.

I know it would smell as sweet by any other name, but I’m wondering what kind of symbolism, if any, has worked its way into your psyche?

You can comment here, or take the poll at my LiveJournal blog.

What does a red rose symbolize to you?

  • It’s a symbol of love, beauty, and romance, and an ingredient in love potions.
  • It’s kind of generic.  It can mean anything.
  • It’s a symbol of purity.
  • It’s a flower.
  • It’s a symbol of the Virgin Mary and of Christian martyrs.
  • It’s a symbol of the goddesses Isis and Aprhrodite (Venus).
  • It’s been overused as a symbol.
  • It’s been used so much because it brings with it layers of meaning that speak to many people.
  • It’s a symbol of womanhood.
  • It’s pretty!
  • It’s a girl thing.
  • It’s a guy thing.
  • It’s a symbol of keeping secrets, “sub rosa.”
  • A red rose held in the hand is a symbol of socialism or social democracy, and many labor parties.
  • It’s the national flower of England, the United States, and of England Rugby.
  • In some pagan mythologies, wild roses were a ward against the dead and the undead.
  • It is the symbol of silence.
  • It is the symbol of Adam and Eve’s disgrace after the Fall.
  • It has symbolized all these things and more at one time and place or another.
  • Ticky doesn’t know but wouldn’t mind having a bouquet of them.
  • Something else which I’ll discuss in the comments.

You can leave a comment here, or take the poll on my Livejournal blog.

Picture this: a long shot of a carnival, all brightly lit against the darkness, glowing in the background. A tall, well-built man with auburn hair stands in the foreground with his back to “the camera.” He wears a white 30s-vintage shirt and black gaberdine pants with suspenders. Perhaps he wears a bowler hat, perhaps a fedora. In one hand, he holds a hammer; in the other, he holds a rose. No wait, he holds the hammer and the rose in the same hand. Then what’s the other hand doing? And a bowler? Seriously? Fedoras? Aren’t those too Indiana Jones? Oh wait, this is a period piece set in the 30s? Maybe that might make a difference…

What’s he holding and wearing?

  • I like the hammer in one hand, the rose in the other.
  • I like the hammer and the rose in one hand. You don’t need the other hand to be doing anything.
  • I don’t mind bowlers.
  • I like fedoras better.
  • Haven’t fedoras been done to death?
  • Bowlers make me think of Laurel and Hardy.
  • Bowlers make me think of Magritte.
  • But seriously, the hammer in one hand, the rose in the other.
  • I ain’t kidding: the hammer and rose in one hand.
  • Something else which I’ll talk about in the comments.