word count

I like this combining old novellas with new WIPs thing. It means hitting patches where I’ve got a new chapter in two days, like I’m writing really fast, when usually I’m…not quite so fast. Maybe I’ll do this for every novel from now on. I’ve got a trunk full of old novellas, stories, and novel partials. Maybe I should spend my time figuring out how to make the dear old things work and cleaning them up rather than coming up with, yanno, fresh ideas…

Or not.

But it sure is fun to drop a bunch of text into the manuscript and spend two days twiddling and poking and prodding rather having to crank it out.

And so it goes.

Chapter 4 is complete and chapter 5 is started.

I’ve also decided my opening paragraph sucks big suck monkey straws, but I am not going to fix it again. I’m pushing forward to a completed draft. Since I’m so big on giving other people that advice.

I am not a daily meter kind of gal, but maybe I’ll post this weekly. Unless I don’t feel like it. Since the word meter neither helps nor hinders me, it’s sometimes a random kind of thing.

I’ve added a megaton of stuff to chapter one and am now worried that I’ve buried my hook, but I’m pushing forward from this point. I’ll have to worry about that/edit that at some future point.

I actually think I have two hooks, though one is rather mild: a family mystery up front, and a major hook at the end of the chapter. It’s hard to say at this point (perspective!) if that will be an effective way of drawing in the reader. Only time will, etc., etc., etc.

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