So I said to my boss this morning: “You’re a pill, you know that? But I mean it with the utmost respect.”

As punishment for my insubordination, he started singing the theme to The Beverly Hillbillies, thus lodging a hateful earworm in my brain. I thought the punishment far too severe for the crime and I told him so.

“Oh? You want me to cure you of that earworm? I can do that.” He then proceeded to sing the theme from Green Acres.

He was right. It dislodged The Beverly Hillbillies, but in this case I think the cure worse than the original affliction.

Later, he asked me, “Do you think anyone’s done a Gilligan’s Island/Lost crossover yet?

“I don’t know,” I told him, “but I ain’t looking.”

But I couldn’t help myself. I did. And they had.