I haven’t been around the blogosphere much lately, other than quotes of the day.  I haven’t really had much time and energy left over to participate on the interdweebs except in the most modest fashion.  I know I’ve been a slackard jerk and missed some commitments and deadlines.  For that, I apologize to anyone who I may have disappointed.

I’ve been hellaciously busy at work, exhausted, and nursing an undiagnosed infection for at least a month.  I’m on my second week of antibiotics and have spent a lot of time the last few days sickly and sleeping—both in my bed and in my reading chair.  Haven’t gotten much reading or much of anything else done, but I finally feel today as if I’m getting my feet back under me.  I wish I could say things will turn around and be spiffy from now on, but work will still be hellaciously busy when I get back to it, and there is the threat of medical procedures on the horizon, so I will probably remain distracted.

I’m thankful that my mom and I had such a lovely Thanksgiving with our friends, our family of choice, and I’m glad my mom is still with me this holiday season.  And I’m grateful for all my friends, online and off, and hoping things ease up soon.  I’m wishing for us all to have a peaceful, prosperous, and loving close to the year.