Pink blossoms embrace
the earth; emptied branches bud
with future peaches.

Peach blossom shadows by PJ Thompson

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The peaches on the tree have been looking plump and gorgeous, but you can’t always tell by looking.  Mom wanted to go out and gently squeeze some, but after her last bad fall back there a couple of weeks ago we’ve both been nervous about her making the trek on her own.  We linked arms and took a stroll and started feeling up peaches.

Most still had more time to go, but some had ripened enough that we picked them, thinking to have peaches and cream, but we got so enthusiastic Mom decided there might be enough for cobbler.  So that’s what we did, made the first peach cobbler of the season.  I am resolutely waiting until after dinner to eat it.  I am mighty and disciplined.   But I would not have had so much fortitude if I had not done much peach sampling in the peeling and slicing stage. Oh, sweet heaven!

I thank the Green Man and the peach tree for the beautiful bounty this year.  The entire neighborhood will share in it.

But not our peach cobbler!  That’s just for us.

These guys have been at the bird feeder all week.

They have one of the strangest calls I’ve ever heard: like a baby dragon. Or a hawk on acid.

It’s quite unnerved the wild finches, sparrows, et al. All the little birds have kept away from the feeders since they’ve been around. I have to think it’s that call that’s frightening them—too much like the hawk, I suspect. But no worries because these blackbirds are seed eaters.

They come up from the marshland less than a half-mile from our house, but I’ve never seen them here before. Quite a wonderful surprise to look out the window and see those yellow heads.

The beautiful singer from last year has returned, too.

The peach tree is absolutely laden with fruit, fecund branches hanging so heavy I’ve had to prop them up with a ladder. We’ll be having peach cobbler very soon now. The entire neighborhood is tingling with anticipation.

Some of the first peach blossoms of the year:

peach blossoms_sm

The first baby peaches of the year:

baby peaches_sm