“Oh, Min, you’re the cutest cat in the world.”

I believe this, so this is not a lie.

“Oh, Minnie Baby, you’re the cutest cat that’s ever lived.”

This is only a half lie. Every cat I’ve had has been the cutest cat that ever lived, so this may be a paradox, but only a half lie.

“Oh, sweetums, you’re the most beautiful cat in the world.”

Well, yeah, okay. Mother love and all that.

“Oh, baby love, you’re the smartest cat that’s ever lived.”

I have had a number of cats, some of them incredibly stupid (I loved them anyway), some of them smart, so I have a good basis for comparison. Min is one of the smartest cats I’ve had, so there is that. But that’s ever lived? I have no definitive, verifiable proof of that. There may be some mother love involved in this estimate.

“Oh, poobums, you’re the best cat in the world.”

Again, I believe this, so no lying is involved.