Here are some more ETA’s to my long list of e-publishing links.

Some of these posts debate one another, which I suppose is a healthy thing. Damned confusing, though. The truth, I suspect, is that nobody really has a handle on the current truth. The publishing world is changing fast, and changing again even faster.

Book View Café Blog/Brenda Hough – Getting Your Backlist Up: A Report from the 2011 Nebulas.

I’m leading off with this one because it is chock full of helpful links and how-to’s—a great place to start. Thanks to sartorias for providing the link on her blog. Some of these other links were provided by others, but frankly, I’ve forgotten where I got them. But they are much appreciated!

Dear Author – Why DRM Won’t Be Abandoned Soon.

DGLM Literary Agency – If you get it for free…

Sean Cregan/John Richards – Price, Insanity and The Race To The Bottom.

John Vorhaus at Writer Unboxed – Let’s Have a Pity Party.

Ellen Fisher – Intriguing.

Richards Parks – Good Idea, Bad Idea (Ebooks) and Good Idea, Bad Idea – Continued.

Guido Henkel – Take pride in your eBook formatting.

This is part one of a nine part series. You can click through from here to the other posts.

Smashwords – How to Publish and Distribute Ebooks with Smashwords.

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