As I’ve said before, I’ve been reading excessively and obsessively on this for months and months. I thought of doing a distillation post, but that proved far too cumbersome for the time I had to do it—and really, it’s not my call to make. Everyone has to make up their own mind on this, and I am far from being an expert experiencer.

So I’ve decided to post a sampling of what other people have said. These are not posted in any particular order, but there is both pro and con. I am probably leaving out somebody or some post that is essential to this discussion and will probably smack myself upside the head for it later, so if any of you think I should add anything to this list, leave the link or whatever in the comments and I’ll add an ETA section.

I hope this is helpful.

Ebooks and Self-Publishing – A Dialog Between Authors Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath

The Washington Post: Novel rejected? There’s An E-book Gold Rush!

Ilona Andrews: On E-books, Realistic Expectations (A 4-page, comprehensive analysis)

Tracy Marchini: Five Things I’ve Learned by E-publishing

The New York Times: Book Country by Penguin – Aspiring Authors Get Help Online

DGLM Literary Agency: If a Publisher or Agent Came Calling

Victorine Lieske: Reasons Why You Should Not Self-publish

David Rothstein: Midnight and I’m Not Famous Yet

Amanda Hocking: Some Things That Need to Be Said

Jim C. Hines: The Anti-NY Playbook (Bashing Commercial Publishing)

Ellen Fisher: Unexpected Loss of Income, or Why Indie Publishing Can Be a Bit Scary

Ellen Fisher: The Vulnerability of Being a Writer


Kristine Kathryn Rusch — Trust Me.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch — Writing Like It’s 1999.

Jennifer Laughran — On Agency Agreements.

A. C. Crispin — The Interminable Agency Clause.

Victoria Strauss: The Gloves Are Off.

Forbes: Is there gold in your backlist?