2 Aug
I’ve fallen out of love. It can’t be helped. Time and distance will do that.

 3 Aug
Sometimes it is important to know when not to be a smart ass. I’ll let you know when I’ve learned that lesson.

4 Aug
If you have to hold the hem of your skirt as you walk to keep it from riding up over your ass it’s too short. Some of the men might disagree.

5 Aug
Sometimes people who yell the loudest about injustice are the ones who don’t think the rules apply to them.

6 Aug
Bought a ceramic hand jewelry stand, something I’ve wanted since I was a teenager. I realized a second later I got it mostly for that teenager.

9 Aug
Saw a crew card with “Blind Decker” posted in Venice earlier in the week. I’d swear I saw one just like it posted last year (season?).  I don’t watch the show so don’t know if he repeatedly goes blind or if it’s a continuation, but it was posted in the same exact neighborhood.

11 Aug
Dear Paul Ryan: The law of nature is kill or be killed, eat or be eaten. I guess I know which side of that law you’re on. Thems that gots.

13 Aug
There’s a world of difference between thinking up dark things to do to your characters and understanding the dark.

19 Aug
It’s tough when you Know Everything and someone comes along who knows a little more and calls your bluff.

21 Aug
I never thought I’d be this person. Life catches you unawares.

21 Aug
She considers herself a good Christian, espouses Christian values with great passion and eloquence. Yet when she gets judgmental and gossipy (which is frequent) her body gets tight and twitchy, unable to stay quiet, her voice constricted and strained, as if her spirit, her better angels, and her mind are waging a fierce struggle with each other.